Forneyco LLC, Custom Interior Painting, Drywall Repair and Landscape Service.


Greetings. Forneyco LLC is a One Man company providing Custom Interior Painting, Drywall Repair and Landscaping with Tradesmanship and Integrity. I have 15 years of full-time painting experience both commercially and residentially. I very much enjoy seeing living space transformed into beauty.

I also enjoy working outdoors and thus provide Landscape Service to include: Annual Clean-Ups, Lawn Mowing, Mulching, and Edging.

All Lawn Mowing is with a Green Approach and thus I do not collect grass clippings but do mulching instead with a high velocity commercial mowing deck. The same is with Fall Leaves.

Service Areas:

Due to my equipment, I service suburban and county settings with off street parking.

Painting and Landscaping: The County of Lancaster Pennsylvania

Lawn Mowing: North East Lancaster County: 

Zip Codes: 17501, 17508, 17522, 17540, 17557, and 17601.


Forneyco LLC                      Leola Pa 17540

Email: forneyco@comcast.net       Phone: 717.723.5048

Your "One Man Project" Painter and Landscaper


Drywall Repair: 

  • Holes
  • Wear and Tear
  • Leaks


Interior Painting:

  • Custom Interior High Quality Painting
  • Renovation and Additions (Winter)
  • Investment Property Painting
  • Move-Out or Move-In Painting


  • Lawn Mowing Service
  • Mulching
  • Edging

Serving you with:

  • Intergiry
  • Dependablity  
  • High Qualty Trademenship
  • All work done by Paul Forney personally (A One-Man Drywall Repair, Painting and Landscape Company)


Lawn Mowing and Landscape Practice/Guidelines

Payment Policy: You will be billed monthly with payments due upon receipt (with-in 7 days). You will be invoiced via email and may pay by credit card or mail in a check, or be billed via Postal Service.

·         First time customers will need to pre-pay for the first two weeks of service.

·         One-time service’s will need to be pre-paid. Time and Material Projects will require a deposit.

·         Depending on the conditions of a first of season clean-up, a clean -up fee may me applicable.

Cancelation: You as the customer and I as the service provider may cancel service for any reason at any time, just give a one business day notice.

Mowing Season: Typically begins the middle of April and ends the the middle of November but is adjusted based upon growing conditions.

Service is weekly: Exception is made if there are drought conditions or an unusual situation. You may contact me with skip weeks, but a one business day notice is required.

Service Days: Service will generally be completed between 7 AM and 7 PM. You will be assigned a routine service day or Days of which may be adjusted, generally the following day, given heavy rains of other circumstances. I do not work on Sundays.

Sprinklers: Please do not run sprinklers on your service day(s). Sprinkler heads must be recessed.

Rain Conditions: I will still mow if there is light to moderate rain to keep pace with growing grass. This may leave some mower tracts or ruts in the lawn of which typically bounce back. To avoid excessively long grass, I recommend that you allow me to mow when it is wet although Forneyco LLC is not responsible for ruts in the lawn due to wet conditions. If you believe your lawn is to wet to be mowed, please contact me the day before so that I can adjust my schedule accordingly.

Gates: If you have a locked gate, please make sure that it is unlocked for your service day(s) or coordinate to have a key or combination available for the lock. If the gate is locked, and can not be accessed, that portion of the lawn will be skipped that week.

Cleared Lawn: Please have any dog doo-doo, dog toys, dog line, garden hoses, and other obstacles etc. picked up, and pets inside prior to your lawn being serviced. Any large items such as lawn furniture or trampolines will not be moved but will be mowed around.

Satisfaction: Please let me know within 24 hours of any feedback regarding your service. Refunds are not issued, but I will take steps to resolve any discrepancies the best I can.

Damage: Please contact me immediately if there is any property that is damaged by my service. I will come out and take pictures and document all damage. If you fix the property on your own without contacting Forneyco LLC before hand, we will not refund you any costs associated with the repairs. Notification must take place within 24 hours of such damage. We will not honor any request for repair expenses for damaged property that we were not made aware of or allowed to repair in a timely manner.

Skip days for special circumstances: If a special circumstance arises and you wish to skip a cutting day, please give at least a 24 hour notice. Service will resume on your next service day
the following week.

Lawn Service Encompasses: This Lawn Mowing Service includes mowing of the lawn and trimming (with a string trimmer) the lawn edges along sidewalks, driveways, fences, landscape beds, trees, and areas not accessible with the mower. String trimmers will leave marks and it is the owner’s responsibility to mulch around these areas or put guards on surfaces that you wish to protect from string trimmers. I will then use a blower to blow off sidewalks, driveways, porches and patios of grass clippings. Grass height will be cut to typical industry standard (usually 3 and 3/4 inch’s).

This service does not include: lawn maintenance such as aeration, fertilizers, weed killers or pre-emergents. Also, this service does not include, annual clean-ups, flower bed cleanouts, weeding, hedge/bush trimming, edging, mulching, pruning, fallen branch removal or fall leaf mulching. Fallen Branch Removal, Annual Clean-Ups, Mulching, Weeding, Hedge/Brush Trimming, Edging and Fall Leaf Mulching are separate services done at time and material upon arrangement.